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Free Dlls Free-Dlls.com is a dll library project started to provide everyone free, unrestricted access to dll files. No registration is required to download our files. Just search or sort and download the appropriate file. Can't find the dll you want? Request a DLL File and we'll try and find it for you, and then add it to the directory.

30 Most Requested DLL Files

DLL File   Downloaded Size
lame_enc.dll lame_enc.dll Free Download 16945X 121KB
hlvdd.dll hlvdd.dll Free Download 4708X 218KB
ntwdblib.dll ntwdblib.dll Free Download 4286X 120KB
adobelinguistic.dll adobelinguistic.dll Free Download 4042X 146KB
fltlib.dll fltlib.dll Free Download 4006X 674KB
kdu_v32r.dll kdu_v32r.dll Free Download 3931X 155KB
d3dx9_25.dll d3dx9_25.dll Free Download 3708X 106KB
vct3216.dll vct3216.dll Free Download 3318X 115KB
u32prod.dll u32prod.dll Free Download 3023X 653KB
cnqu70.dll cnqu70.dll Free Download 2977X 104KB
php_pdo_mysql.dll php_pdo_mysql.dll Free Download 2642X 665KB
forcelibrary.dll forcelibrary.dll Free Download 2471X 355KB
ijl10.dll ijl10.dll Free Download 2391X 573KB
synsoacc.dll synsoacc.dll Free Download 2211X 147KB
flengine.dll flengine.dll Free Download 2160X 117KB
d3drm.dll d3drm.dll Free Download 1997X 175KB
btballoon.dll btballoon.dll Free Download 1977X 175KB
ultravoice---mono-insert.dll ultravoice---mono-insert.dll Free Download 1961X 389KB
versioncue.dll versioncue.dll Free Download 1905X 157KB
ace32.dll ace32.dll Free Download 1807X 349KB
scene.dll scene.dll Free Download 1633X 360KB
wmvcore2.dll wmvcore2.dll Free Download 1614X 730KB
yacscom.dll yacscom.dll Free Download 1553X 121KB
zlib1.dll zlib1.dll Free Download 1514X 323KB
winio.dll winio.dll Free Download 1511X 182KB
qt-dx331.dll qt-dx331.dll Free Download 1443X 173KB
streamci.dll streamci.dll Free Download 1439X 400KB
shlwapi.dll shlwapi.dll Free Download 1436X 234KB
filesystem_steam.dll filesystem_steam.dll Free Download 1412X 603KB
dpl100.dll dpl100.dll Free Download 1396X 275KB

*If the Free DLL File you need is not on this either try searching for it in the Free DLL Files search box on the top middle section of this page, or by clicking the the letter it begins with on the menu above.

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